In the perimeter of Billy Elliot’s online movies, “Pay It Forward” and “The Elephant Man,” August’s story, a fifth-class kid with a facial malformation, contains everything to heat the hearts and trigger empathy, bypassing but the stupid category: the tedious way of acceptance, the status of parity, resignation to the disease, the good fund – ugly form, talent and brilliance, the family as a model, the worthless education in the absence of personal example, the search for identity through adherence to the group in adolescence, life everyday life in the family, the death of the first cat and the creator of “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” .Auggie Pullman is an 11-year-old boy to go into the fifth grade. Due to a congenital facial malformation, his mother chose to teach her at home. Clear, temporary solution. Faced with this, the family chooses to enroll the children in a normal school that accepts an integrative program. Originally ostracized by the whole team, Auggie finds a friend in Jack’s face. At least until the Halloween party when, in making an incognito appearance, in a suit other than the one announced, he witnessed Jack’s confession to a colleague that all their apparent friendship is a hoax, meant to make him laugh later.

In the same time, Via, Auggie’s older sister, does not have any problems at high school. Her girlfriend, Miranda, begins to avoid it to hide a series of lies spread throughout the summer holiday. The two are to be found, but when Miranda, mowed by remorse, gets ill on the day of the premiere of a long-awaited drama. Thus, Via is called to the ramp, in front of the whole high school, playing well with the main role actually held by Miranda. Aggie is still stigmatized, all kinds of things that are unhealthy and ended with an investigation. The director of the school finds out that it is not just a colleague who photographed Auggie’s silhouette of the group’s photo of the class, but his mother, to whom the idea belonged. It’s just a step up to expelling … The film is a successful screening, with all-round ups and downs, many children in distribution and happy end. Perfectly framed in the New York d├ęcor, Julia Roberts, a routine of online romantic comedies, acts as her mother. His father is also played by a protagonist of easily digestible productions, Owen Wilson.

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