Win It All

The film tells the story of a gambling addict who is confronted with a conflict when he is in charge of keeping a sum of money that is not his. After a night of bad luck, Eddie (Jake Johnson) finds in his room an imposing gangster named Michael (José Antonio García) who has come to make a business proposition. Michael is about to get out of prison in about six months, and he needs Eddie to take care of a bag of money until he’s released. Eddie Garrett agrees with the proposal to take care of the bag, but when he discovers the amount of money, he is unable to resist the temptation and venture deep into debt. To start with, Eddie wins gambling, and while celebrating at the bar, he meets a superb Mexican nurse named Eva (Aislinn Derbez). However, his fortune is short-lived, and it does not take long to go deep into debt. As soon as he reaches the poverty line, a funny thing happens: Eddie discovers that he really likes to win by honest work and begins to save. Soon he gets a surprise call from the local jail, a call that makes things even more interesting: Michael goes out early and Eddie suddenly has a shorter window to win all his money back …

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