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Magical land Azeroth is on the brink of war when civilization that inhabit confront the most feared race of invaders: the warriors Orci, who flee their dying world to colonize another world. When you open the portal that connects the two worlds, an army is placed in front of the destruction, and the other with extinction. Learn opposite sides, two heroes will face off in a battle that will decide the fate of the family, the people and their homes.

People unite in alliance led by Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), a war hero who sacrificed everything in battle. King Llane Wrynn with (Dominic Cooper), and Queen of (Ruth Negga) for his part, Anduin must do everything he can to humanity to win the war. The other side is ORGREZ (Robert Kazinsky), the orc leader, and he is willing to sacrifice everything to save her people and family from extinction. ORGREZ will prove to be a formidable enemy is the war that will change Azeroth once and for all.

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