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Toro (Mario Casas) is a young crook and his right hand Romano (José Sacristán), a powerful mob boss in Torremolinos, Malaga (Andalusia, southern Spain). Once Toro decides to leave Romano to lead a life without crime, his last action fails, resulting in the death of one of his brothers and sent to prison. Five years later, Romano realizes that Lopez (Luis Tosar), the elder brother of Toro, robs money from his business tourism and ordered the kidnapping of Diana (Claudia Channel), his daughter López until it brings back money. Without other options, Lopez visited him on Toro, which is close to obtaining parole, which only plănueşte freedom to marry his girlfriend Estrella (Ingrid García Jonsson). When Toro agrees to help López meeting with Romano to find a solution, Toro’s men attacked Romano and flees with Diana, trying to escape the vengeance of Romano. But Romano start a ruthless search for her three between the hours while Toro to escape from prison under third grade …

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