The Wall

This film is a psychological thriller that follows the story of two soldiers on the ground by an Iraqi sniper and nothing more than an unstable wall that collapses. Once one of the soldiers goes to investigate a suspicious area, he is taken by surprise by an armed attack coming from nowhere. Accidentally, he receives help from his colleague and running through the rain of bullets, they come to shelter behind a shaky wall that can be destabilized from moment to moment. The incident is reported to the station and instructions are required, but soon the interaction with the sniper turns into a psychological battle through a military telephone line. The situation escalates, and the psychological war between the two camps becomes sharper. The two soldiers are immersed in a powerful struggle of will and mind as the enemy does everything in his power to break down all his mental resources. Will the two American soldiers get out of the deadlock and face the tough psychological warfare initiated by the enemy?

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