The Space Between Us

A spacecraft commences on a first Mars colonization trip, but after the takeover, the crew finds out that there is a pregnant woman among the astronauts. Shortly after the ship lands on the Red Planet, the woman dies of complications, yet managed to bring the first man born to Mars to the world, but without revealing who the father is. This is the start of the extraordinary life of Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield), a very intelligent and curious teenager who, until the age of 16, met only the 14 scientists who grow up on Mars in a totally unconventional way. Seeking clues about his father and his home planet, Gardner binds an online friendship with Tulsa (Britt Robertson), a teenager in Colorado. When he finally has the opportunity to reach Earth, Gardner is eager to experience all the things he read about in books, but once he starts exploring, scientists discover that his heart does not resist the gravity of the Earth. Eager to find his father, the teenager flees the research team and starts with Tulsa in a race against the clock to find out the mystery behind his existence and the place where he should live in the Universe …

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