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The Recall

The film follows the story of five holidaymakers, not knowing that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass kidnapping. A group of friends decides to spend the weekend in a cottage on the lake, expecting to have some beautiful and fun moments. Meanwhile, strangers have started attacking planet Earth. Some of the friends are immediately kidnapped by the floating ship, and the other members of the group, Annie and Charlie, must rely on an eccentric and dangerous hunter who seems to have special knowledge of the attack. It seems that this day has been anticipated for years and aliens have guided the evolution of the Earth in preparation for their final takeover. Even with the help of the hunter, Annie and Charlie are finally kidnapped, but they return to Earth the next morning. When they wake up, everyone gets back to the cottage and everything seems to be fine. But when they listen to the news, they find out that the planet has just declared war on the 7 million abducted and returned people. How will the whole nightmare end?

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