The Mine

A young and ambitious civil servant, Jussi Karevuo (Joonas Saartamo), is in charge of obtaining an environmental permit for an enormous nickel and uranium mine in northern Finland. The Talvivaara Mine, led by the charismatic traveler around the globe and visionary Pekka Pera (Jani Volanen), introduces a new method of gathering materials while creating jobs in one of the poorest areas of Scandinavia. Jussi gradually discovers that it has been carried by many people and that the new method has many disadvantages he has not foreseen. Mine causes environmental disasters that are clogged. A new file for another permit is brought to him by the representatives of the same mine. Along with the file comes an interesting offer for a job and the chance of a new start. Jussi has to decide whether to cooperate and if so, who …

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