The Hater

A young man is looking for a purpose in a network of hatred and violence that he is trying to control.

The film is interesting, because it manages to mix the failures and successes of the protagonist in such a way that he becomes believable, human, credible. Far from being a “genius” of evil, who can carefully calculate his deeds and their repercussions, as he wants and believes in himself, he seems, rather, a tenacious opportunist, who somehow manages to take advantage of even following his failures.
There is an engaging part of the film, the one that deals with the “professional” embezzlement of Tomasz (in virtue or in reality), part that captures and attracts you and there is also a dull part of the film, which reveals the side of love, apparently without much chance of success of the character and his desire to achieve, a part that is tiring and slightly boring.
All in all, if you want to see how certain currents of the virtue environment and their (sometimes harmful) consequences of the immediate reality arise and propagate, you must not miss this film!
Good script, very good actors, a story that will test your ethics and an outcome that, although it seems “winner”, brutally shatters any hope in a human evolution that follows the paths of moral integrity, truth and, implicitly, of the value of individuals. Enjoy!

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