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The Dark Tower

The film combines fantasy, adventure, suspense, and action in an exciting manner just like Stephen King’s well-known series of screen novels. Director Ron Howard brings Stephen King’s most beloved series to life with this first chapter that tells Roland Deschain’s journey in search of a mysterious and difficult to find tower in an alternative dimension, full of fanciful creatures and characters directly related to many of the most famous works of the author. Roland Deschain carols a landmark that reminds of the scenery of the Old West in search of the Dark Tower, hoping that achieving this desiderate will preserve the dying world. There’s a mystical thing about Roland. His age is about 200 years old and has a deep connection with the (supernatural) nature of the film, texturing the character of a mystical and intriguing action. Is the hero of the film the salvation he’s expecting? Is the Dark Tower the projection of the hero’s aspirations in which decoding the mystery will reveal surprising truths?

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