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The Circle

Based on Dave Eggers’ bestseller, this film is a thrilling modern story about morality. The contemporary thriller talks about the dangers of life in a digital era where personal data is collected, filtered and converted into money and used for privacy surveillance and reinterpretation. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is working for a strong social-media corporation and as she is among the ranks of the world’s largest technology company, The Circle, Mae is encouraged The founder of Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) to live her life with full transparency. She is soon in a dangerous situation involving privacy, supervision and freedom, being forced to learn that her decisions and actions will determine the future The Circle is the chaos of the elegant web, and the motto says that without secrets, without the private preservation of knowledge and information, we can complete our full human potential, but no one is really safe when everyone What people do not know is that The Circle has the power to change everything. Human beings and the consequences on mankind?

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