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Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), an orphaned girl who lives in London and in an orphanage, lecturing stays awake nights because of insomnia. 03:00, or what she calls “Witch Time” sees an elderly giant outside the window. Giant, BFG (Big Friendly Giant – Big Friendly Giant), captures his attention and get acquainted with the fascinating but dangerous of the world. Unlike all the others like him, BFG (Mark Rylance) is extremely helpful and courteous.
Although at first little Sophie is afraid of the huge world reached quickly realizes that her companion is a gentle creature whose curiosity pushes to put dozens of questions. Her boyfriend learns all about magic and the way forward dreams of children on Earth, but warns that a riot while giants is about to destroy the balance of earthlings. Thus, the mission of the two will be to save mankind from the danger of giant magical universe that is about to burst …

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