The Addams Family

An action comedy that will tell the story of the Addams family, whose lives begin to be seriously affected once they are confronted with the host of a reality show, as they prepare for a large family reunion to celebrate a major event, in the style characteristic of the Addams clan

For Halloween, the Addams clan is back on the big screens in a new animated comedy with the weirdest family in the neighborhood. Fun, extravagant, iconic, the Addams family redefines what it means to be a good neighbor.

Blessed with the well-known lifestyle of their family, Gomez and Morticia are preparing for the visit of members of the extended family at a maturation ceremony organized for Pugsley.

Nor does the family expect their neighbor – the TV star Margaux Needler – to build a prefabricated community full of techno-pop and perfectionist accents. As the fog rises, Margaux is shocked to see the Addams family’s degraded house on the top of the hill, the only impediment that seems to stand in the way of his dream of selling all the homes in the neighborhood and becoming even more adored as a TV star.

At the same time, Pugsley prepares for the complicated ritual of “Saber Mazurka”, his maturation ceremony, and Wednesday struggles with the demons of her age. She befriends Parker’s daughter, pushing the boundaries of Morticity, especially when she sets normal goals like going to public school and joining the cheerleading team.

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