Take Me

The film follows the story of Ray Moody (Pat Healy), a rookie entrepreneur who is trying to lift his company from Los Angeles. His business: Kidnap Solutions, LLC, specializing in abductions, offers alternative therapies that his clients use for curative reasons. Ray specializes in high-level kidnapping simulations, and when a mysterious call contracts him for a weekend abduction with a nice salary at the end, he accepts the opportunity. But her job and target, business consultant, Anna St Blair (Taylor Schilling), are not everything they seem. The Rape of Anne St. Blair, was commissioned by one of the clients, but this time it seems that the situation will be reversed. For Ray, the possibility of real kidnapping does not prove to be as easy as in his theory. A black comedy that tries to find harmony between the killer thriller and comedy, Take Me is so controversial as it is funny.

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