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Bollywood movies are rare without a love story and not part of the Sultan exceptions. In fact we are dealing with one of Indian films that can be attractive for both female audience and for the male: the spectators will pay more attention to the love story and the human drama of his life Sultan, while viewers could appreciate the sports film, focusing on the rise and returning fighter in the ring. A true movie “masala” (combination of specific genres of cinema on the subcontinent, which mixes comedy with action and romance with music), Sultan motivates you to follow your dreams and fight for them.
Salman Khan is titular hero, a young man from a small town north-Indian, after falling for Aarfa (Anuskha Sharma), national wrestling champion, clung to impress. Initially his attentions have the expected effects and Sultan quickly realizes that only with a victory in the ring will impress their chosen one. Only the middle becomes a goal in itself and Sultan will quickly climb the charts competition. With victories overall record and multiubita’s Aarfa together, life seems to have provided everything champion, but a tragic event it precipitates the Sultan in the deep end: life destroyed fighter will make at a time for an opportunity to return in the ring again and make history.
After last year gave a hit with Bajrang Bhaijaan / power of faith, the film about which we wrote that reconciled, at least in terms of moviegoers, two countries in the ongoing conflict, India and Pakistan, Salman Khan raises the bar in Sultan, which goes through all the states you can explore an actor on the big screen. Even if the actor could lose national prizes of interpretation in favor of Shah Rukh Khan and his double role of Fan, Salman even impresses with its complex role of unerring even a note. Around him, other players are also very good, especially Anuskha Sharma in the role Aarfei, while satellite and central point of his life Sultan, and Amit ADHD, in that of Aakash Oberoi, the investor who convinces the Sultan to reinvent itself as an athlete.
Far from perfect, Sultan sins because of the length of 170 minutes and due to specific Bollywood songs. In some Indian films musical moments go away and not bother the story, but the Sultan at least two of them have no utility in terms of the script, being used only to launch a possible new local hit. And the script written by director Ali Abbas Zafar would need to be brushed, but I can guarantee that despite other shortcomings length of the story, you’ll leave the cinema elated and reinvigorated for your own battles.

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