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A Street Cat Named Bob

A stray kitten moves a drug addict. Of course, the story is not as dramatic as that save a child trapped Lassie, Old Yeller or drive away the bear that was given to a boy. But then we have different expectations from cats and dogs. Dogs are companions brave, loyal lifelong. With cats, it is sometimes enough to get us through the night without scratches on his face. That said, Bob, who appears as himself in the film (along with six other feline that resembles it), is a particularly beautiful specimen. Bob and his loveliness is almost enough to feed this film easily and courageous conducted by Roger Spottiswoode (a veteran of the genre of film that shows the relationship between animal and man, also directed Turner & Hooch also). Bob’s human companion, James Bowen, is played by Luke Treadaway, who convincingly convey the emotional chaos of a former drug addict …

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