Smurfs: The Lost Village

In 1958, Belgian painter Pierre Culliford, nicknamed Peyo, created the first images of Strumpi – the sympathetic blue characters who were to conquer the hearts of cinema audiences around the world, generation by generation. Now the story comes to life in a new interpretation, full of color, magic and humor: animation “Sturmpfii: Lost Village”.

A thrilling journey awaits the protagonists Strumpfita, Istetul, Blegut si Voinicul. Guided by a witted map, across the Charmed Forest, looking for the mysterious lost village. If other ravens live there, they must find them before the wicked Gargamel sorcerer! The road is sprinkled with magical and unpredictable creatures, but also with dangers: from carnivorous flowers and pimples to dragonflies with plenty, many surprises await the Strumpfi bastards all the way. The four blue friends are on the verge of discovering the greatest secret in storm history!

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