A psychological thriller movies, Sleepwalker (2017) tells the story of a young woman suffering from a sleep disorder mysterious, while striving to maintain control over reality.
Sarah Wells seek help from a clinic for her insomnia, but soon her whole life is turned upside jos.Ea trying to rebuild their lives after the apparent suicide of her husband novelist, but is facing terrible times and frequent sleepwalking. After deciding to resume her studies, Sarah is increasingly disturbed by sleepwalking and terrible nightmares. Under these circumstances, concerned about the fact that she could do harm if her nightmares and troubled behavior continue, the young woman asks for help from the university clinic. But when she wakes up after her first night of watching, the world she’s living seems to have changed in subtle ways. Recurring nightmares about a mysterious woman who repeatedly accuses Sarah of trying to hurt him, it determines it to be confused about her own identity and true intentions of Dr. White. Sarah begins to lose the ability to distinguish real events of imaginative and realizes that it takes radical steps to regain balance and self-control.

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