Resident Evil: Vendetta

A BSAA SOU team led by Captain Chris Redfield investigates a mansion linked to a smuggling operation that is infested with zombies infected with a new viral strain. There the team finds Glenn Arias, a black-market dealer looking for Interpol, but Arias escapes when the mansion explodes. Under these circumstances, Chris Redfield asks for help from government agent Leon S. Kennedy and Professor Rebecca Chambers of the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology to try to stop Glenn Arias, who wants to take revenge and plans to spread a new deadly virus known as By “The Trigger Virus” in New York City. Soon, Dr. Rebecca Chambers joins the mission and begins to develop drugs to combat the virus encountered in the mansion. At the end of her research, the lab is being attacked by one of Arias’s accomplices, and Chris saves her from the infection. Following the attack, they come to the attention of DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy, who, on the orders of the president, must investigate Arias. Arias is involved in a terrorist attack to be held in New York, and everyone starts looking for him, hoping to find him before the tragedy can take place.

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