Ready or Not

The wedding night of a bride takes a terrifying turn when the eccentric family of the newlyweds forces the young woman to take part in a frightening game.

The woman will fight for herself for her life, trying to survive the in-laws in a lethal game of hiding on the night of the wedding. With a few minutes to start, Grace understands that she has to hide somewhere in the sumptuous villa, and the groom and the other guests naturally find her until dawn.

What Grace doesn’t know is that it is the target of a bloody game, in which she is the prey. Pushed beyond her physical and emotional limits, Grace must find all the resources to not only survive, but to drastically change the game with all she can. The writers were inspired by the classic Rosemary’s Baby, in which Mia Farrow memorably played the role of the fragile but tenacious Rosemary.

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