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The film follows the story of a young woman named Mija, who risks everything to prevent a powerful multinational company from kidnapping her best friend: a massive animal called Okja. Mija lives in the deep forests of South Korea’s Gangwon Province, and one day he meets a huge creature named Okja. Okja is a very timid and introverted, warm and friendly animal, a unique animal, and the two get to be friends pretty soon. When a strong company learns about Okja’s existence, Mija is struggling to prevent her new friend from being captured. Together, the two live unforgettable adventures, but they also have to face complicated situations, which they must gradually overcome. By sharing too much friendship to be ignored, the film captures the beauty that can exist between man and animal, and also the horror of them. Will Miya succeed in protecting his friend from the ruthless interests of the company?

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