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Nine Lives

Nine Lives comedy tells the story of Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey), a billionaire businessman who is at the peak of his career. Because lifestyle, his time is spent largely in the company that it leads to the detriment of family, his daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman) and wife Lara (Jennifer Garner), who must settle the remaining time free.
When Rebecca celebrates 11 years as a birthday gift and asked Tom a cat, and he who hates cats actually objected. But that, of course, did not have time to look for another gift when Tom had finally chosen.
Tom cat looking at a shop owner pet, named Mystic, Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken) and the choice finally fell on a cat named Dl.Fuzzypants, a cat, which, in fact, not too got to be a gift to his daughter Rebecca.
But on the way home, an unexpected event occurs, causing Tom to wake up trapped in the body of Mr. Fuzzypants. Being trapped in fur cat Tom has realized the precious time lost and beautiful things that do not come back, things could have with his family …

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