A 5-year old boy named Saroo (Dev Patel) gets to travel alone by train wrong, away from his home in northern India. Scared and lost, he is led to thousands of kilometers away, in the chaotic city of Kolkata (Calcutta), somehow managed to survive on the streets, bypassing all sorts of dangers along the way. At some point, end up in an orphanage, where it is adopted by an Australian couple (Nicole Kidman & David Wenham), in whose family finds safety and love, growing in Hobart (Tasmania). Not wanting to hurt the feelings of his adoptive parents, Saroo buries deep past and its need for natural family reunion and hope that he will ever find lost mother and brother. But fate dictated a meeting with the native Indians of life renews his secret wish. Just a few memories and technology, Saroo starts in one of the biggest searches for a needle in a haystack, in his attempt to regain lost family …

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