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Jason Bourne

A man who was thrown into the water, injured. Amnesiac. So it all started in 2002. I waited 14 years to find out who is Jason Bourne. And if – I did not think – that’s his real name.
Spy, Agent Newest and trained in self-defense expert with extraordinary abilities. A kind of James Bond American, but much, much more athletic, more agile, more resistant. And in many respects, the three films so far unbeatable hero (plus a film that is only mentioned) exceeded the pace, effects, stunts or chases most stylish British franchise. Bourne series has become standard in the action movie and actor Matt Damon respected in this genre.

In this film, Bourne, fully recovered from amnesia and again hunted by the CIA, trying to discover hidden truths about his father. When former CIA agent Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) breaks the database of the agency, to discover evidence of its illegal programs, it reveals new information about recruiting Bourne, which alters understanding the past …

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