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Angela (Gina Gershon) and Brian Morgan (Nicolas Cage) are two doctors who form a beautiful family with their daughter, Cora, in a quiet American town. Family life is at a time interwoven with Katie, a single mother who tries to raise her daughter, Maddie, when Katie is invited to live in the Morgan family guest house, and then accepts the nurse for Little Cora. The relationship between the two women is easy and easy to take on a dangerous slope, as Katie connects more and more to Cora, telling her she is her mother, and hidden lies and secrets bring Angela to the verge of despair. Tension reaches maximum odds when Angela discovers the hidden things in Katie’s past and realizes that she suffers from a mental illness only after she accepts to wear them as a surrogate mother, the baby. Will Katie’s secret secrets find out what’s behind her, or will Katie keep her secrets hidden away?

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