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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Long before that Snow White was born, the evil queen Ravenna was driving and was the most beautiful land. Only her younger sister, Freya gentle and loving, gave birth to a girl which was foretold that he would become the best in the kingdom, and Ravenna has planned to get rid of the baby. Freya contained in the pain and anger it has unleashed a deadly force that can freeze enemies to them. Determined to get revenge, Freya begins to train an army of children who will become warriors who will slay hearts împiertite on Ravenna. Of these, Hunter and Sarah violate the only rule imposed by Freya and fall in love so I’m driven. When Freya is that Ravenna was defeated warriors asks her to bring her Magic Mirror. Resurrected, Ravenna is stronger than ever, and Freya can not defeat than by Hunter and Sarah.

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