Gong fu yu jia – Kung Fu Yoga

Jack (Jackie Chan) is an archeology professor at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an and meets a young Indian teacher named Ashmita from the Rajasthan National Museum to locate a long lost treasure in Tibet. Using modern technology, their team locates the treasure somewhere under a frozen lake. However, they are interrupted by Randall who steals the treasure and let the archaeologists die. In the chaos created, Jones – a member of Jack’s team who is more a reward hunter than an archeologist, manages to sneak out with a diamond artefact. Jack and Ashimta’s teams also managed to escape from the ice caves where they were blocked, and two weeks after the incident, the 212 karat diamond artefact surprises surprisingly at a bidding auction in Dubai’s black market. To save his job and his reputation, Jack needs to recover that artifact and ask for a good friend’s help with a lot of money. Jack wins the auction but, unfortunately, Randall strikes again with his men and immediately starts a heavy car race on the busy streets of Dubai. During this track, Ashmita manages to take possession of the artifact, but she is not exactly what it seemed to be, and Jack finds it hiding a very interesting secret. The artifact is known as Shiva’s Eye and would represent the key to tremendous treasure.

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