Lauren Curran and her husband Russell move to “The Pinnacle,” an elegant and modern apartment complex with all the facilities, including a state-of-the-art security system. Lauren is an artist suffering from bipolar disorder and recovering from a devastating personal tragedy: losing a child. Tortured by disturbing memories and fears for her own safety, Lauren is somewhat reassured by integrated security systems. However, she begins to suspect that the residential compound has a dark side, to Russell’s worry that he thinks he is imagining things. Lauren is studying the company that built “The Pinnacle” and meets Vernon Sarsfield, an investigative journalist interested in the cyber conspiracy. Vernon believes that “The Pinnacle” is not an apartment complex at all, but an experiment in which the inhabitants are the guys of a global brainwashing plan. Lauren initially casts doubt on Vernon’s health, but as he investigates deeper, he finds his own life in distress. Together, they begin to suspect that the mysterious owner of the building could use state-of-the-art control systems to subdue their inhabitants. She and Vernon embark on a contracronometer race to prevent this sinister corporation from taking full control of people’s thinking.

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