Cure: The Life of Another

Linda (Sylvie Marinkovic) and Eta (Lucia Radulovic) are best friends. They are two teenage girls 14 years old and live in Dubrovnik: Eta mother (Marija Skaricic) and her grandmother, Linda with her father (Leon Lucev), who is a doctor specialist cardiac local hospital and once lived in Switzerland, Linda where she was born. The two girls are inseparable, though often disagree fiercely. Together they sneak in discos, fighting for boys and dreaming about an exciting future beyond their strange city. One of their favorite places is the pine forest on the outskirts of the hill Petka. In the first warm spring day, Eta and Linda retire to a secret beach below the cliffs hill Petka. Once again they have contradictory dispute, this time with dramatic consequences …

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