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Cien años de perdón – To Steal from a Thief

A group of thieves led by a man named Uruguayo (Rodrigo De la Serna) attacked a bank in Valencia to steal as many boxes of valuables, then fled through a tunnel dug communicating with a metro station abandoned. However, the press officer of the Prime Minister revealed that thieves will get their hands on the box 314, owned by Gonzalo Soriano, a former member of the government, which came in a coma after a serious accident, holding documents with information compromising. Plans gang start to take a turn unfavorable, when the tunnel is flooded by heavy rains, leaving them with no escape in addition to discover that box stolen does not contain documents, but an external hard drive full of data about major names on all levels Spanish political. Meanwhile, a government negotiator receives the mission to take the risk of negotiations, seeking to recover all costs and information box 314, before the robbers fled with her …

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