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Black Butterfly

The film is a remake of the French thriller, “Papillon Noir” by Herve Korian, and follows the story of an unlucky writer who helps a vagabond and offers him a place to stay. Outside of a mountain town facing a series of kidnappings and murders, Paul, a retired writer, is struggling to begin what he hopes will be a scenario that will save his career. After a tense meeting at a restaurant with a vagabond named Jack, Paul offers him a place to stay at his retreat without knowing that he will soon become a prisoner, forced to write for a strange dement. Soon, the weird Jack decides to take Paul as hostage and force him to write all his intimate secrets buried for years. However, when the alien dement intervenes forcefully in Paul’s work, their degenerate relationship brings secrets buried in the light. As a strong storm stops the electricity in the isolated cabin, the two men start a brutal one-to-one game that will lead at least one story to the end.

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