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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

We all know by now. February 9, 1964 – after a short commercial break, four young men from Liverpool went on stage to Ed Sullivan, changing culture pop rock forever. Seventy-three million people watched The Beatles that night, the biggest audience in television history. It was an event that united a nation and signaled the birth of youth culture as we know it today. But while this unique performance introduced The Beatles to America, what the band has done besides this, it was to introduce this level of world musical culture, permanently transforming the music industry.
They toured. When the band finished the tour in August of 1966 had been conducted 166 concerts in 15 countries and 90 cities around the world. Their tour contributed to the creation of a cultural phenomenon known as “Beatlemania” was something the world has never seen before and undoubtedly not gonna see. It was the first time a large part of the world was felt truly united – bound rather by aspiration and attitude than divided by race, class, religion or nationality.
BEATLES FILM PROJECT LIVE years will tell the story of the band on tour exceptional – from the perspective of the band, her world, fans and their world. This film will examine the impact of those years of the Beatles – the value of which had a tournament to mark on their relationships, the effect on the evolution of their musical and boost colossal tournament which gave a new lifestyle . But while the band produced “spark”, young people around the world have produced “blaze”.
The film will also explore, the magnetic attraction between performer and audience incomparable born that turned music into a movement – a common experience in a sublime …

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