The animation features the adventure of Felicie, an orphaned young woman who has only one passion: dancing. Together with Victor, his best friend who wants to become a renowned inventor, he sets up a bold plan to escape from the orphanage directly to Paris, the City of Lights and all the possibilities.
The adventure of the ambitious Félicie begins in an orphanage in a rural area of ​​France and continues in Paris in 1882 when we can see the Eiffel Tower under construction and the Paris Grand Opera in all its splendor. Because she becomes the protege of Odette, a former great ballerina, now a woman of service to the opera, Félicie finds a way to be accepted into the group of novices from which the protagonists of a new Nutcracker show will be chosen. There is a carousel of emotions and harsh training Odette, who sees in the little orphan, lively and passionate for dancing, a winner.
Felicity will have to fight more than ever before, to self-indulge and to learn from mistakes so that it can turn into reality his most crazy dream … One day he will become the most graceful ballerina at the Paris Opera.

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