In flight 709 the only thing more dangerous than losing control is to take it back. Prepare for impact! FBI agent Gretchen Blair (Denise Richards) is on a flight to work in Washington D.C, when the man sitting next to her proposes an unusual offer. The man explains that the plane is about to be hijacked, and promises to pay him $ 75 million if she can bring it back to earth safely. At first, she laughs and takes everything like a joke, but when a band of professional thieves takes control of the plane, she realizes that man is right. Who would have thought this time would be the most dangerous trip to Gretchen. Agent Gretchen wakes up stuck in the middle of a high-level robbery robbery and battles to save passengers, while the thieves threaten their safety, searching for stolen items hidden somewhere on board. The young agent is in the struggle of her life and tries to prevent the hijacking of the plane, having to choose between two factions of a criminal gang. What will be the outcome of the unpredictable mission?

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