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Aloys Adorna (Georg Friedrich) is a middle-aged private detective who lives and works with his father. He experiences life from a safe distance, through a video camera that records 24 hours a day and his massive collection of cassettes is organized and obsessively watched at home. But when his father dies, he remains alone Aloys and protected his existence begins to disintegrate. After a night of drinking, Aloys wakes up in a public bus and realize that all of the boxes, as the camera were stolen. After a while, a mysterious woman who sounds like blackmail him. She offers to return the boxes if Aloys an obscure Japanese try an invention called ‘telephone walking’ with it, the imagination is their only connection. As sank increasingly more and falls in love with the voice on the other end of the phone, the woman opens a new universe that allows him to emerge from his isolation Aloys in real life.

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