Melinda, a devoted wife but tired of her husband’s constant misconduct, Robert, loses control when it becomes clear that she has been betrayed. After she has gone through the ultimate betrayal, Melinda decides it is best to take the matter into her own hands and to take “the revenge”. The story explores the key moments of their relationship: the beginning when the young Melinda knows the young Robert, the first days of the relationship, along with the marriage request and the wedding of the couple. Melinda confesses to the therapist that their 18-year marriage seemed to fall apart days, as she began to suspect that her husband was cheating on her. After her husband follows, the woman realizes that he has a double life, being already engaged with another woman named Diana.
Although her therapist adds that it is possible to look at this betrayal from a wrong angle, Melinda seems to risk everything by saying that Robert has “provoked all of this.” How far can the woman’s fury go away?

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