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Based on a short story by writer Stephen King, the events are reported from the perspective of Wilfred James, an unexpected narrator who admits he has murdered his wife, Arlette, with the help of his son in Nebraska. In 1922, Wilfred James, a simple but proud farmer, conspired to kill his wife for financial gain, convincing his adolescent son to participate in the terrible deed. Wilfred owns 32 hectares of land that have been in possession of his family for generations. His wife owns another 40 hectares of land that her father has left her inheritance. Wilfred rejects the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in a city, but Arlette is not pleased with country life and wants to move to Omaha, intending to sell the land of a profitable company to be used as a pig farm and slaughterhouse. Under these conditions, Wilfred, who firmly opposes Arlette’s plans, decides to manipulate Henry, his son, to help him kill his own mother. After committing the reprehensible act of his son’s complicity, what Wilfred would never have imagined is that he would end up terrorized by bizarre phenomena and attacked by a group of rats, reaching the point of being convinced that he was haunted by his dead wife. The woman’s spirit, accompanied by a terrifying army of rats, will return from the dead to claim revenge.

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