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The Crucifixion

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The film is based on a true story that took place in 2005 when five members of the clergy in Romania were convicted of killing a nun with a cruel exorcism ritual, the protagonist being Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson), a journalist who investigates the killing of that nun. A priest was convicted, but he claims that the woman died while practicing an exorcism ritual. The journalist strives to determine whether he actually killed a mentally ill person or lost the battle with a demonic presence. When Nicole comes in contact with Father Anton (Corneliu Ulici), there are more and more unexplained events, and the two also begin to believe that the priest lost the fight with a demon. No exorcism is the same, and the exorcist is in a direct battle with the demon, being totally exposed. Will they succeed in coping with the demonic entity and survive the struggle with evil?

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