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The Book of Henry

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Sometimes things are not always what they seem, especially in the small suburban city where the Carpenter family lives. Susan Carpenter is a single mother and works as a waitress at a restaurant, alongside her ardent family friend, Sheila. Her younger son, Peter, is a playful eight-year-old. Taking care of everything and everyone in his unique way, is Susan’s older son, Henry, an 11-year-old genius. Protector of his younger brother whom he adores, and relentlessly supportive of his mother who often doubts himself, Henry shines every day. Soon, Susan discovers that the next family, including Henry’s classmate, Christina, has a dangerous secret, and her son Henry has devised a surprising plan to help her. After she discovers her son’s book that contains a plan to correct the terrible mistake that occurs in the neighborhood, Susan tries to follow the plan, and in this process he discovers a new power as a parent.

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